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[VIDEO]: What is Your Most valuable Service?

In multiple social media Idea Sessions I have held with funeral homes across the country over the past few weeks, I have talked in-depth about the “value” they (funeral directors) are providing client families through the services that they offer.

My goal is to get funeral professionals to think deeply about the repetitive tasks/services they engage in daily and examine the value these services add to the client families experience.

Watch the video from me below and please share, “What is your most valuable service?”

Ryan Thogmartin

CEO at DISRUPT Media and ConnectingDirector.com
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  • Kenneth Howe

    I think the most valuable service that a funeral professional offers each day to our client families is “you.” The fact tha you are available 24/7 to your families means more than we ever know. That explains why some professionals who mearly show up day after day can stay in business for generations…without keeping up, without all the bells and whistles that create a “wow” factor. That being said, IF you can put that dedication WITH creativity and genuine concern to stay up with the latest and the best that our profession has to offer..then you create a powerhouse professional that is a force to be reckoned with!

  • Howard Beckham

    Or maybe a better question…what services do the families we serve value most?

    Most funeral directors, independent and corporate see most everything they do as valuable, from the removal to the final disposition….but have you ever tried to explain to a family why your cremations is worth $2000.00 and well worth it, and the place down the street is $695.00?

    We can provide videos, great memorial printed packages, beautiful and useful web applications, have a fantastic facility, or own crematory, and even our own cemetery, a great community service program and aftercare, and the best staff in town…all this will be a of value to some…but there seems to be an increasing number of families in the current economy who are very price sensitive. On top of that perceptions sometimes are perceived as reality with low end providers, but that is another story.

  • Ryan, this is a great exercise that all businesses should practice regularly. If funeral directors can’t explain their value proposition (i.e. the value that they will offer families in-need of funeral services), how will they be able to attract business? Relationships are important, but as Alan Creedy and Joe Joachim pointed out in another video, families are increasingly information-seeking and decreasingly loyal to businesses (even those with whom they’ve had positive experiences in the past). Funeral directors should do all they can to first identify the value they add and then get that message out.

  • Matt Jones

    Great comment Kenneth. Part of our success is offering a hIgh level of convenience all throughout. For example, preparing the family for the initial arrangment meetIng, meeting them at their vehicle when they arrive to assist in carrying photos or clothing, offering one-stop shopping including monuments, delivering all flowers, photographing flowers and important parts of the event and takIng care of all paperwork Issues In quIck fashion. These are just a few of the high value points.
    Question – do any of you offer a farewell prayer at the removal? This has proven to be very important to most all of our families. -Matt Jones

  • J Evans

    In sometimes the darkest hour at night…even EMS, Nurses and Nursing Home aids are “relieved” from the stress of the death of a patient. When the funeral home staff arrive professionaly they assume the resposibilty of caring for the deceased and family. Many times comforting the caregiver, saying thank you for your time, saying “we’ll take over from here”…makes people feel better about the situation. People “service” is what we can do best, and by assisting the grieving when they need us the most is Valuable. Yes we run a funeral business, but as long as we can keep people #1 and the business #2, we’ll continue to serve our communities well. Secondly, being a “resource” for grieving families, preplanning and estate planning.

  • I believe our biggest value is ability to create a healing
    environment where people can come together for a memorable experience. This
    experience should promote those in attendance to support each other in their
    grief. The life of the deceased is the star and the theme is how that life effected
    their world and the world of others.

    How memorable the experience is will be directly related to
    the ability of the funeral director to most important listen and also to ask
    pointed questions that will both build trust as well as allow others to share.
    As you may of heard we are now in a society that treasures the experience most
    of all. Each funeral / memorial is a custom created event that draws from all involved
    and weaves it into a special event that allows social healing and an open environment
    that provides a safe haven for people to share in their support for each other.

    On the surface, if using the latest bells and whistles
    available to us such s video tributes, custom blankets, programs, funeral
    favors, memorial websites ect. will help support the goal of creating a healing experience,
    then why not use them to the best of our ability. If a specially trained MC
    that knows just how to draw on all
    aspects of a life lived and craft all that information into a well balanced and
    touching ceremony would help, then you should be hiring the best Certified Life
    Celebrant you can find. If you cannot find a good Celebrant in your area, you should find
    a person that you think would be good and pay for their training.

  • Loweringdevice

    All items listed here seem to be valuable increments of funeral service. Unfortunately, many death
    care purchasers appear to not agree. Just look at the increasing numbers and success of no funeral low cost cremation only services.