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Funeral Directors: Tech Tools to Promote Your Funeral Home

This post originally appeared in eFuneral’s Funeral Director Blog.

I've written in the past about trying new things, and I've heard from quite a few funeral professionals who have told me that they'd like to try new things -- they're just pressed for time.  I get it.  But guess what?  Everyone is pressed for time.  We're in a society that is increasingly caught in "the busy trap."

But since this is a given, it means that it's no excuse to not seek out tools that can help you.  In fact, if you're not seeking out tools which are meant to actually help you accomplish things AND save you time, then you're doing yourself a disservice.  Too busy to look up which tools exist?  Let me save you some time.  Here are a few tech tools you can start using today which will help you as a funeral professional (and don't worry -- I won't even mention some of the tools eFuneral offers):

1.  Use SnapEngage to turn web-lurkers into customers.

SnapEngage is an amazing tool that allows you to chat with those visiting your website -- right now.  It's simple.  After signing up, the SnapEngage plugin can be added by copying and pasting web code that they provide.  Then, when people visit your website, they'll see a chat box pop up and can ask you a question if they're curious about something.  You then see a notification appear instantly on your screen through Google Chat or another instant messenger service you might have.  BAM!  You're now talking to a potential customer who, chances are, never would have picked up the phone to call you.  Not in front of your computer all day?  No problem.  Activate it only when you are.

Full Disclosure:  We love and use SnapEngage so much that we became affiliate partners.  The link above is our affiliate link.

2.  Let HootSuite control ALL social media platforms in one place.

If you've been wanting to "dip your toes" in social media -- or you've tried in the past -- but you ultimately became consumed in so many different platforms, then this tool is for you.  HootSuite allows you to manage/control all of your social media platforms in one single place.  Create a post and make it go live to Facebook, Twitter, Google + and others in one click.  Just remember to have a strategy for managing all that social media moxie you've got in you.

3.  Get crucial feedback from web visitors instantly with KISSinsights

Ever wonder what people actually think about your website?  Do you have questions that often go unanswered from people visiting your website?  Well -- you wouldn't even know if you did because you're not asking your website visitors this.  It doesn't have to be this way.  KISSInsights gives you the ability to start asking important questions -- instantly.  Oh, and by the way, they even have a free plan that you can use -- so "lack of budget" can't be a valid excuse.

All three of these tech tools allow you to do more...faster.  No, they didn't come from "industry professionals."  Guess what:  they don't need to.  Quite often, the biggest innovations come from those outside of the industry.

Are you aware of other tools that are helpful to you, which you'd like to share?  Feel free to do so in the comments below.


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