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Aurora Casket Questions

We are doing a video interview with Aurora Casket president Michael Quinn on Tuesday morning to discuss the acquisition by Kohlberg and Company. We have a list of questions to ask but, we want the questions you have to be answered as well. So If you have a question you want us to ask please post it in the comment section below. Your interaction is appreciated.


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  • Sarah Lee-Ellena

    Will Aurora continue the same discount program for those pay their caskets timely?

  • Heather H.

    what things do they plan on changing? We have heard a lot of “we wont be changing this we wont be changing that…” but, what DO they plan on changing?

  • Kayjudd

    Have to agree with Sarah Lee-Ellena – Will Aurora continue the same discount program for those who pay their caskets timely???

  • Kayjudd

    As a family owned business dealing with family owned funeral homes as customers, Aurora has developed a relationship with their clients.   If Aurora does not keep the top notch service and the discount programs that they have established with those who are loyal customers and who pay in a timely manner, they will lose that loyal consumer base.

  • Gerry

    What will the aquistion do to help counter the fundamental challenge that the cost of in-ground funerals are unable to compete with the lower costs of cremation?  What can be done to help lower funeral homes and cemetery costs by taking on a new partner when margines are already so under pressure?

  • Jeff W.

    Will Aurora be introducing Import Caskets in the future? Given the investment Kohlberg has made and the decline in casket sales industry wide, seems reasonable to anticipate they’ll offer a chinese mfg’ed casket to ensure their ROI in purchasing a casket company while the cremation rate keeps increasing.

  • ncmortician

    In some past major acquisitions, the initial purchaser turned out to be no more than a “straw buyer” hiding the true identy of the real interested party. Once the sale was finalized the initial buyer then sold the company to an entity that the original owners would have never considered. Is it possible we will see Aurora quickly sold to Batesville or SCI……….

  • M.F. College

    You mean the discounts they to do not pass on to their grieving familes. Shame on you for asking about the discount!

    • Kayjudd

      Excuse me?????? SHAME ON ME????????…….. for your information WE do NOT make Aurora wait 90 days to pay our bill………so when we work hard at getting them AND EVERYBODY ELSE their money within 30 days – we DESERVE a discount!!! Number 1, I am in business to HELP families stay away from the high cost of CORPORATE owned fh’s, Number 2, I have to stay afloat in order to do that, therefore, I appreciate ALL that AURORA has done for me in the past! How many companies do you know of that pass their product on at their cost?

  • RH

    In the past year Aurora has purchased Rob-Win Press,
    Edgecombe Casket and Capital City Casket. With the financial backing of Kohlberg and Company
    do you think there will be any additional acquisitions within the funeral
    industry (i.e. preneed, vault, crematory, casket, internet companies, etc)?