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iMortuary “Remember a Vet” Viral Infographic

From iMortuary: Join our effort to honor the service and sacrifice of Veterans by moving the flowers on our virtual wall! We hope to count THOUSANDS of individuals taking part over this weekend and on Memorial Day. Share this with your friends and download Facebook badges for your profile picture! Let’s get this to go viral in thanks to Veterans and military families as we pause to acknowledge Memorial Day on May 28, 2012!!


I Remembered a vet today
Via: iMortuary.com


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  • This is a great looking infographic — thanks for sharing!

  • Minda Brusse

    I hope you also visit the full tribute — http://www.imortuary.com/articles/remember-a-vet/ 

    We included an interactive wall where you can move a virtual bouquet of flowers to a wall and be counted.  Also, you can download Facebook badges to use on your profile picture.  Last year, the USO and National Cemetery Administration acknowledged and shared this effort, so we’re glad to bring it back again this year.

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