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Wilbert Introduces Interactive Display for Selection Rooms

BROADVIEW, IL -- Wilbert Funeral Services, Inc introduces a new tool to help Funeral Professionals educate families on burial vaults in the selection room. The Wilbert Display Animationô is an interactive monitor with informative slides and video that addresses many common questions families have regarding burial vaults.

Display Animation projects moving images and information in silent mode until a family activates video for more comprehensive learning. Even in silent mode, however, the visual attraction created by scrolling slides captures the familyís interest in the often-static environment of a selection room. At any time, the family or the Funeral Professional can push a button to start a short video which guides the family towards an educated decision on which burial vault is best for them.

“If one family member chooses to activate the video, we found others will watch,” said Mark Klingenberger, VP Sales & Marketing, Wilbert Funeral Services, Inc. “And when the Funeral Professional introduces it as a brief, informative video, the family pays very close attention.”

Wilbert has found that focusing on what the family wants to understand leads to informed decisions and increases overall satisfaction.

To learn more about the Wilbert Display Animation, contact any Wilbert licensee or call 1-800-323-7188. A demo video can also be viewed at http://www.wilbert.hmsbox.com/display.


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