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Are You Concerned About Offending the Non-Pet Lover Families You Serve by Offering a Pet Loss Business?

Almost 7 years later, I still hear from funeral directors and cemeterians that they are concerned about offending people by offering pet loss services.

Okay, I hear what you are saying. However, as you really take a look at this group of people, the pet parents, I challenge you to understand how you CANNOT look at serving this market.

First of all, as I look at funeral homes/cemeteries around the United States, owners and employees of these operations are encouraged to ?become? a part of their community. They are members of the Lions Club, the Elks Club, the Rotary Club, Chamber of Commerce, various church affiliated associations and numerous other social clubs in their respective community.

However, as you analyze the ?club? of pet parents ? the numbers become astounding! Did you know that sixty-two percent of people have a pet?

That means that if you are in a market of 200,000 people, automatically you will now have a service that can be targeted at 124,000 people! 124,000 people! Do the math for your own community and what that means for you!

When on earth have you ever had a new type of service like this that automatically opens up your entire business immediately to a new demographic! Can you imagine belonging to a ?club? that now gives you something in common with over half of your market? Can you imagine servicing this group of people ? and how it opens up the marketing opportunities for your entire business, all because you helped a family honor their pet in death ? honor this new type of ?family member??

So, you?re still worried about offending non-pet lovers because you offer this service? Do the math,?. would you rather appeal to 62% of your market – or 38%? Because I can assure you ? someone WILL go after the 62%. Why wouldn?t it be you?

Article By Coleen Ellis – Two Hearts Pet Loss Center