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Living in “The Dash” is getting Funeral Homes Fined $7,500

I got an email a few weeks ago from someone in the industry who said many funeral homes have received a copyright letter from the legal department of Linda Ellis – author of “The Dash”. The poem is basically about how your life is lived in the “dash” on your grave monument that resides between your birthdate and death date. The “dash” is where the details and story of your life are.

I wish I could post the poem here so you would know what I am talking about, but as you will read below, that wouldn’t be in my best interest! In any case, if you do not know what “The Dash” poem is you can most certainly Google it.

If you do Google “The Dash” you will find a number of different articles talking about the copyright letter being sent out. Basically anyone who has it posted on their website should remove it immediately or you are at risk of a $7,500 fine or higher.

Here is what is stated on the author’s website about the use of her poem: http://lindaellis.net/2012/02/copyright-info/.

I was able to reach out to my good friend Poul Lemasters (http://lemastersconsulting.com) about the copyright letter and what funeral homes should do if they currently have the poem posted on their website. Poul was kind enough to provide this reply:

Any allegation of a copyright infringement is a very serious matter.  It is not difficult for a copyright owner to prove an infringement claim, and for the alleged offender – it can be quite costly to defend.  Anyone who believes that someone has infringed on their copyrighted materials has a right to defend their material.  Keep in mind that just because a writing does not say it is copyrighted doesn’t mean that it’s free to use.  All current writings are automatically protected by copyright laws.  More so, just because you didn’t know doesn’t mean you aren’t liable!  And keep in mind that Federal law allows damages from $750 up to $150,000 per infringement.  So what do you do if you have an allegation against you for copyright infringement?  Do not ignore the letter.  If you ignore it and then later find yourself in a suit it could lead to higher damages.  Contact your lawyer.  I know it seems like more money but you should never settle a matter without legal representation.  Plus, it is quite possible that an attorney could get the amount reduced to a more reasonable amount, if the facts show there was an actual infringement.   Lastly, if the matter cannot be resolved through negotiations, consider contacting your insurance company for coverage; some policies cover infringement claims.

I guess if you have this poem on your website or anywhere else in your funeral home where (heaven forbid) people might read it then you should probably take it down and never mention it again, or I guess you could spending the remainder of your “dash” fighting it out in court with the author Linda Ellis!

Ryan Thogmartin

CEO at DISRUPT Media and ConnectingDirector.com
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  • Rick

    Ryan as long as you have purchased the poem from her you can display it…she just like you has to make a living and what if someone was taking content from your hard work and started to use it?  How would you feel? 

    • James

      People deserve to be fairly compensated for work they create! I am sure you would have a real issues if someone used material from your “site” for their own financial gain and it took money out of your pocket. I would wager you would “dash” a cease and desist letter yourself!

      • Innocentinfringer

        Fairly compensated? $7500 for sharing 242 words with people who are in grief? Fair? Lie your dash Linda. Your frans are watching.
        For information on how to fight this troll visit http://www.extortionletterinfo.com

        • Linda Ellis

          Wrong again — That figure is referenced in a notification letter included in a range of figures. The true retroactive license fees are established in an amicable manner when one who has infringed contacts us and we find out the true extent of damages. That figure has been thrown around to further the agenda of my obsessive cyberstalker, April Brown. Simply not the facts. I welcome any mature, professional questions, concerns and comments. Peace. ~Linda Ellis http://www.Linda-Ellis.com

          • This reply is NOT a DIRECT response to Ms. Ellis. I only post here to preserve the context of my reply (unlike the context-challenged Ms. Ellis). I offer a counter-point to her assertions in this statement.

            Based on what I know, she might be correct in that her $7,500 settlement demand letters are a starting point of settlement discussions. But she and I know that her audience are especially uninformed in such legal matters and they will take the letters literally, not as a starting point. Some people are so ignorant in such matters, they consider these demand letters to be lawsuits in themselves (which they are not).

            The ONLY way her victims can ever know that her $7,500 demand letters can result in an amount lower is that they have to be EDUCATED and EMPOWERED to do so. It is quite clear I have done a poor job the past 3 years doing these things for this particular audience subset. I am at philosophical odds with many of her “victims” because some have chosen to be victims because of their inability to overcome their fears and weaknesses.

            I would also like to state that April is NOT an “obsessive cyberstalker” as Ms. Ellis likes to liberally use. April is a successful, self-made, savvy, passionate, fearless, outspoken, independent-minded, risk-taking business woman who (like me) don’t suffer ignorant fools such as Ms. Ellis. April was born out of direct foolish decisions and actions by Ms. Ellis. My very presence here is a consequence of her own foolish decisions and actions because I have long known about this article for over two years and chose to never post until now.

            Another reason why April is unhappy with Ms. Ellis (besides having to suffer through Ms. Ellis’ shenanigans in late 2011- early 2012 timeframe) is she has largely been the SOLE advocate and counselor for Dash Poem extortion letter victims. As an outspoken activist, April has endured receiving dozens (if not hundreds) of emails and phone calls in the last three years listening, counseling, educating, empowering, and advocating for her fellow Dash Poem extortion letter victims. It is April’s tenacity, passion, disapproval, and some degree of irritation and anger that motivates her. April’s irritation and anger has not been helped as she watched me defend my 2+ year legal battle with Ms. Ellis. I believe (but not absolutely sure) that April considers me her friend and confidante and she is extremely protective of those she considers her friends. I believe she considers Ms. Ellis’s attacks on me and false assertions about me an attack on a friend.

            It doesn’t help that after three years, April works virtually alone to advocate for her fellow victims. I, along with others, have attempted to assist the Ellis victims with limited success. April is the lone heroine in all of this for the Ellis victims.

            April cannot sit by and watch her fellow victims and friends become legally assaulted by Ms. Ellis as she sits by and watch. April exercises her 1st Amendment right to speak out freely. I hope my comments better enlighten others as to April’s continued involvement and activism in the matter.

          • Greg Troy

            I have several of Ms. Ellis’
            letters provided to me by their recipients. There is no mention of a
            “range of figures below $7,500” as Ms. Ellis claims. The letter

            “Our current rate for unauthorized use and
            distribution of this registered, copyrighted work is $7,500.00 (US)…… Based
            on your unauthorized use and contributing to the perpetual unlawful
            distribution of registered copyrighted work of the Poem, we ask that you pay
            $7,500.00 to resolve our claims of trademark and copyright infringement.”

            The letters also go on to state that should you
            choose not to pay federal law allows for 30,000 to 150,000 in fines per
            infringement. Perhaps this is the range Ms. Ellis is referring to. The letter
            then brings up the unrelated Ellis v. Aronson case, where Aronson signed an
            agreement to publish the poem in a book, did so, and refused to honor the
            signed agreement along with other blatant and willful violations. He was fined
            (and deservedly so) $269,000, but using this unrelated breach of contract case to
            frighten people innocent infringers who have shared to poem in a funeral
            bulletin into paying 7,500 is in my opinion just wrong.

            Also, I wonder why all the implied threats of
            legal action never happen, It is my opinion (and many others) that it is
            because Ms. Ellis is aware the courts would never award anywhere close to this
            amount, and most likely would award the minimum penalty (if any) of $200.00 for
            non-willful or innocent infringement. Here is a copy of the standard 7,500
            demand letter which was provided to me. You are welcome to read the letter for


          • Auctionapril

            Linda Ellis thinks that if she just keeps saying something it makes it true! Now that is a ridiculous notion.

          • Auctionapril

            Range of figures?? She’s right. The range is from $7500 to $100,000 in her demand letters. Oops, I mean retro licensing fee letters. HA HA HA HA HA HA. Retro licensing fees. Next she’ll cal those extortion letters birthday cards.

          • Robert Sloopy Krausankas

            How convenient that you offer to answer questions and try to direct people to your site, where you have full control of the questions asked and answers given, why not answer questions here or any of the other online articles dealing with you “business plan?”…. Oh thats right i forgot, you like to hide behind a bunch of BS…

            “Steal That Cash”

          • Greg Troy

            Ms. Ellis has gone back and edited the post, originally it said she would answer any and all questions and did not mention the requirement to submit them on her website where the would never be seen. I read it carefully to make sure what it said and had started a list of sincere and honest questions I would like answers too. The next day when I was ready to post my questions she changed it to what it reads now, adding the requirement to submit the questions.

            I was really surprised when I saw the original post offering to answer questions here.

  • Ashley Rivera

     “I guess if you have this poem on your website or anywhere else in your
    funeral home where (heaven forbid) people might read it then you should
    probably take it down and never mention it again, or I guess you could
    spending the remainder of your “dash” fighting it out in court with the
    author Linda Ellis!” I laughed so hard when I read the above statement.  Made my day.

  • Site_Designer

    Why shouldn’t she be able to protect her copyright?? We have had someone attempt to directly copy our work and had to send a cease and desist letter outlining the infringement as well as clear consequences for non-compliance.  It worked, too. 

    • UncleJohnsBand

      There is nothing wrong with her protecting her copyright.   You did what most people would do and send a take down notice.  If the take down notice doesn’t work then it is fair to escalate.  But when you see the tactics she is using to scare people into paying her money, you might question whether the means justify the ends.

  • Jkirschenbaum12

    According to her site, you can read the poem during services, but you cannot reproduce or print copies

  • Doug

    The poem is the author’s intellectual property and she has every right to protect her work. Rather than making the author sound like she’s being petty, you should have linked to her website for her point of view of copyright to fairly report both sides of this issue. http://lindaellis.net/2012/02/copyright-info/

    • Auctionapril

      Dough who are  you kidding. Linda Ellis is a copyright troll who makes a living off of trolling not that stupid poem.

  • MisssB

    If you have received a letter, here is a forum that you might be interested in:  http://www.extortionletterinfo.com/forum/linda-ellis-lindas-lyrics-dash-poem-letters-forum/

  • Auctionapril

    Don’t bend over so fast. Check out this blog for more information on Linda Ellis and The Dash poem. Join us in fighting back. Nobody has to pay her and nobody should for fair use. http://www.extortionletterinfo.com/forum/linda-ellis-lindas-lyrics-dash-poem-letters-forum/  And this forum

    You are being harassed by a copyright troll.

  • April Brown

    The Dash Between is a better poem and it’s free.The Dash Betweenby Ron Tranmer©
    I stood there near the headstone
    of one I loved, and cried.
    Beneath his name was there engraved,
    date of birth – and date he died.
    The thought came quickly to my mind,
    these years leave much unseen.
    Far more meaningful it seems
    is the dash – which lies between.
    The years within that little dash
    live on in memory,
    and represent the precious life
    of one who’s dear to me.
    In time I too shall pass away
    and in the ground I’ll lie.
    Will those I love and leave behind
    stand at my grave and cry?
    Our life here upon the earth
    can end in but a flash.
    Are we wisely using
    the time within our dash?
    Do we look for opportunities
    to do a kindly deed,
    and show love and understanding
    to those who are in need?
    For If our hearts are full love
    throughout the time we’re here,
    we’ll be loved by all who knew us,
    and our memory they’ll hold dear.
    And there upon our headstone,
    shining ever bright and bold,
    that little dash between our years
    will be a dash of gold.
    This poem is copyrighted but may be reproduced for private, non-commercial use. The text must be reproduced completely, without adding or subtracting words, and the author’s name must acknowledged along with the copyright symbol. For commercial interest of this  poem, contact the author,
    Ron Tranmer, at [email protected]

  • UncleJohnsBand

    This is sad.  There is a vibrant community of people fighting copyright trolls like Linda Ellis.   Anyone getting one of these extortion letters should go to ExtortionLetterInfo.com and look in the forum they have dedicated to dealing with Linda Ellis.  The link is:  http://bit.ly/KDtyIT   Take advantage of the resources there, the resources will help you fight your fight.  Also post your story as we are gearing up for some major media interviews about what is going on.   If the article doesn’t sadden you enough, you should also know that Linda has been hired twice by the National Funderal Directors Association to speak at their events (this is posted on her website).  So, she is getting money from you in every way possible.

  • emerald_nicole

    I agree she has a right to protect her copyright, but she is asking people who simply showed her poem on their website as it is considered inspirational. Those who unknowlingly share it are not doing it to make a profit. Sorry, but $7500? No……sorry, that’s a ridiculous sum of money. She is not even sending a cease and desist letter to start with. A lot of people aren’t aware there is a stringent copyright on this poem, and THAT’S what she she banks on. Its one thing to target businesses for copyright infringement but quite another that she also targets people going through grief who have posted the poem on a personal blog because it was read at a their loved one’s funeral.

  • Heather

    If the poem is posted with her name as the author, I don’t understand what the problem is. It is a beautiful poem that those left grieving can enjoy and relate to. She should be thankful that her writing has touched so many people. That is what writing should be about and if a funeral home has her work posted, she should consider it free advertising!

    • Heather,

      That is part of he problem. She doesn’t know how to tap into the positive viralness of that poem, she taps into the negative viralness and she creates more haters each month. At $7,500 per demand letter, I believe it is too much for her to give up monetarily and walk away from. She seems to think she is the only one who has experienced the downsides of have viral material. Nowadays on the Internet, most people seem to understand the way forward is to find ways to create more positive dialog with viralness. Linda, on the other hand, successfully creates more negative dialog. Hence, this post warning off funeral homes when it really is a great audience to tap into. It isn’t my job to help her business as she is not paying to consult with me. But being a Web strategist, I can promise you there are ways of making it a win than threatening people every other day as her henchman, John W. Jolin enjoys doing.

  • Auctionapril

    It would be impossible to convey all that has happened in the past 3 years regarding Linda Ellis and The Dash poem. I’ve written a book about the experience of dealing with this extortionist. You can visit http://www.getpoeticjustice.com and keep up with the dialogue. I appreciate Connecting Directors and this forum. I do hope we ar able to prevent more victims.

  • Auctionapril

    Linda recently created 2 new slander websites hoping to intimidate me in to not publishing my book: justfreespeech.com and lindalogic.com/obsession.html. You can read more about her latest rampage on http://www.defiantly.net. Together we will put an end to this extortionists harassment and bullying.

  • Linda Ellis

    Oh hi….you are incorrect here. Everyone is welcomed to RECITE my work…anywhere, anytime. However when you post this copyrighted product without authorization, and print it, and distribute it to millions (without paying applicable licensing fees for this product) you are taking away business from the publishers who invest money to publish the work by taking away those who search for the work. You are literally affecting the work’s market value by diminishing its integrity and worth. Thank you. I welcome any and all questions. http://www.Linda-Ellis.com The best to you…peace. ~Linda Ellis

    • Auctionapril

      Linda Ellis says, “The true retroactive license fees are established in an amicable manner
      when one who has infringed contacts us and we find out the true extent
      of damages. That figure has been thrown around to further the agenda of
      my obsessive cyberstalker, April Brown. Simply not the facts. I
      welcome any mature, professional questions, concerns and comments”

      Linda Ellis recently began calling her extortion demands a “retroactive licensing fee” instead of “damages”. Why? She is unable to prove that any actual damages have occurred as a result of someone sharing that dribble.

      The truth is Linda Ellis does not settle amicably with anyone. What she does is relentless hound people who finally cave in after months of intimidating emails and phone calls. Anyone who wants to know the truth about this scam can visit http://www.getpoeticjustice.com and http://www.defiantly.net and http://www.courtroomstrategy.com.

      Linda Ellis manufactured evidence to wrongfully accuse a man of stalking and harassment. He ended up with a Lifetime Protection Order against him. The Supreme Court overruled the lower court’s decision after reviewing the facts and evidence from both sides. The fact is, Linda Ellis lied to her attorney, and gave perjured testimony to the courts and she continues to lie to the public. There is no end to what this dark triad of dysfunction is willing to do.

      You should also know that not a single “Dash” publisher or co-author of “The Dash” book has EVER pursued copyright infringement fees or accused anyone of the stealing the Dash. Linda Ellis is the sole operator of this scheme. Mac Anderson, co-author of The Dash has distanced himself from Linda Ellis. He has never publicly supported her. Nor has any publisher ever made a statement on behalf of Linda Ellis’ right to harass people in an effort to collect money.

      $7500 is the normal demand, but she has also demanded $100,000 from others. She negotiates based on the wealth of the innocent infringer. If the person who shared the poem has insurance, she demands more. After settling with a preacher she found out he had insurance and demanded that he pay her the full amount. She accused the preacher of lying to her because he didn’t disclose he was insured.
      People don’t by licenses for free poetry or because they want to share that stupid poem. Period.

      This scheme thrives because of secrecy and deceptions. Keep talking.

  • Linda Ellis

    Visit http://www.Linda-Ellis.com with any questions or concerns. April Brown is completely obsessed with me to a non-normal level and posts lengthy rants about me from morning until night. It’s gotten sad. Please contact me with any questions. Thank you.

    • Auctionapril

      And after you contact Linda Ellis, visit the following websites and get the truth.

      I’ve written a book about The Dash Extortion Scheme – Poetic Justice. She can deny and deny and deny til the cows come home. The facts and evidence prove that it is Ellis who is obsessed with her targets and victims.

      For the past 3 years, our collective voices have stopped people from sharing The Dash and kept Ellis from collecting hundreds of thousands of dollars in “damages” & “retroactive licensing fees”. She is feeling the heat and with every passing day the fire gets hotter.
      Many of us believe that once the legal community reads about her intimidation tactics and threats she will be charged with extortion.

      Who knows, she may even have to return those ill-gotten gains to her victims.


    • This reply is NOT a DIRECT response to Ms. Ellis. I only post here to preserve the context of my reply (unlike the context-challenged Ms. Ellis). I offer a counter-point to her assertions in this statement.

      Regarding April’s so-called “obsession” of Linda, what April is currently “obsessed” with is trying to complete her book, “Poetic Justice” at the same time the GA Supreme Court released their decision 10-days ago. As an independent publisher myself and author of several business books, audio titles, and video content, I have a unique perspective into April’s current challenges.

      The “problem” with April’s book is that she thought she had an “ending” and was ready to put it to bed. Unfortunately for her book project, the GA Supreme Court had other ideas and released their decision when they did. Subsequent to the decision, a flurry of media coverage began with Ms. Ellis first making outrageous, factually untrue statements about me (even when it was made demonstrably clear by the court and the very “evidence” she provided) still trying to smear me and my reputation while trying to cleverly explain to an unknowing public that accidental publication of her poem will not result in any legal or financial headaches.

      While April and I may not agree on every position or opinion, we (among many others) are united in the “Beware Don’t Share” slogan. There is no question in my mind that if a small business owner accidentally shares her poem on their website and Google indexes that website, that a legal and financial trap will have been sprung. Ms. Ellis dislikes the incredible resistance and outspokenness from others that are NOT her victims.

      Ms. Ellis wants to portray April as irrational and “obsessive”. April cannot easily turn a blind eye to ignore what Linda says about others such as myself and herself. Every time Ms. Ellis perpetuates the myth that she is a victim, “attacks” April’s friends/allies, and ESPECIALLY April’s own personal and business reputation, it will necessarily trigger a justifiably, unhappy response by April. Like myself, April will not let others get away with inappropriate or misleading statements.

      April is publishing her book and she will understandably defend her work and assertions. She will not idly sit by while Linda tries to manipulate the truth of certain matters. As far as I am concerned, Linda has been caught red-handed in manipulating printed material prior to submitting it to the lower court. Ms. Ellis’ credibility is suspect as far as I am concerned. I have both reported and shown this in detail to my support team and my lawyers. They have read the 3 articles and commentaries so far and a number of them are “displeased”. They were displeased before but now moreso now because of the mess Linda created with her underhanded legal tactics.


      April is determined and cannot stand idly by while Linda continues to perpetuate her distorted, misleading versions of her stories.

      I do not envy April’s current position. April is trying to complete a book while the story continues to unfold in strange and unpredictable ways while defending herself, me, and many of the victims she considers her friends.

      Feel free to contact Linda and get her version of the story, then read the other websites.

  • Linda Ellis

    April Brown…I pray for you and I feel so sorry for you. I hope you find happiness. I truly do. You must have nothing in your life at all…except your hatred for me. It’s unfathomable. This obsession takes so much energy and time. Total it up yourself. You’d be amazed at the time you’ve spent out of your only life just on me. Bless your heart. Any questions just write us from http://www.linda-ellis.com. Peace. Thank you! 🙂

    • lucia liljegren

      Sigh. I pray for you and hope you find happiness too. I also you will learn that sending demands for $7500 for people who quote your poem in obscure backwaters of the web is not the way to spend one’s Dash. (Example of demand http://rankexploits.com/musings/2013/dont-post-linda-elliss-the-dash/ ) Your obsession with extracting money from these naive innocents must take tons of time. Likely you’ll be amazed to see how much too!

      Of course, I also pray that the innocents get wise and never send you the $7500 which is much more than a court would ever award you. If you think quoting your poem on an obscure web site is worth that much, you should take those quoting to copyright court where you will likely lose. But at least that path will lightly lead you to enlightenment: a judge will tell you the posting is worth the number you dreamed up in your head.

      I also pray you stop deluding yourself into believing that people who criticize you online are ‘stalking’ you. Remember: All 9 judges of the GA Supreme Court ruled in favor of Matt Chan agreeing that he did not stalk you. You’d called him that and filed charges and then bamboozled a lower court judge into believing you. But people who looked at the full evidence and spent time on the case saw through the stupidity and said his criticism of you wasn’t stalking.

      No one thinks your accusation that April is “stalking” you is credible. She has a right to criticize you in public. So do we. Our coming here to criticize you is no more “stalking” that your coming here to respond to Ryan’s post is your stalking him.

    • Greg Troy

      Ms. Ellis claims that Ms. Brown is obsessed with her, let’s look at the history here. Three years ago Ms. Brown received a copy of the dash sent to her from Ms. Ellis’ website through her “Tell a Friend” page, there was no copyright information included with the poem. Ms. Brown posted the poem on her blog page, immediately thereafter Ms. Ellis sent Ms. Brown a demand letter. Ms. Brown took the poem down then started to warn others not to
      share. She did this through her blog and searching the internet for pages that had shared the poem and warning them directly.

      Ms. Ellis did not like Ms. Brown’s efforts even though she says her goal is to stop the unauthorized spread of her poem. Ms. Ellis’ response was to do the following to try and silence Ms. Brown and stop her efforts.

      1) Ms. Ellis took out several Google AdWord campaigns (at least 4 we are aware of and have screen captures of) using ads that looked like the person was clicking a link to Ms. Brown’s Charity Auction business, when people clicked on the link thinking they were going to Ms. Brown’s site they were taken to a smear page on Ms. Ellis’ site and then given links to
      other “reputable” auction companies.

      2) Ms. Ellis sent letters and emails to Mr. Brown’s (April’s husband) employer stating that Ms. Brown was a thief, guilty of copyright infringement, that Ms. Brown was claiming ownership of the poem (which she never did) and Mr. Brown was involved. Ms. Ellis was trying to get Mr. Brown fired from his job as an announcer from ESPN radio.

      3) Ms. Ellis has created at least two smear pages (that we know of) against Ms. Brown

      4) Ms. Ellis goes to Ms. Brown’s FB pages and makes posts on them along with sites

      ….and more, everything is documented with screen captures here:





      • Linda Ellis

        Oh Hi Greg…you’re late. And hysterically incorrect…as usual.

        • Auctionapril

          If he’s wrong about ANY of the above – tell him point by point.

        • Greg Troy

          If Ms. Ellis (or anyone) tries to say I’m incorrect or loose with the facts I gladly post the screen shots, documents etc. Ms. Ellis, the readers, and her “frans” can see who is “inaccurate”

          1) Google AdWord Screenshot from 05-08-2012 redirecting customers to smear page on Ms. Ellis’ site. Link #2 is the screen capture of the page the ad takes you too.


          2) Print out of email to Mr. Gardner, Mike Brown’s employer.

          3) These were the two most recent smear websites launched by Linda Ellis. The first is her obsession page and is no longer visible since the link has been removed from the home page but if you know the link it can still be viewed and I provided here. If it should go down I have screen captures. The second link is to Linda Ellis is just free speech.com site which in typical Ellis fashion was removed shortly after it was put up and now reads under construction, however the link underneath it is a screenshot of the site when it was up.



          4) This is one of many many screenshots of Facebook posts made by Ms. Ellis on April Brown’s page. What is ironic about this post is it was talking about Linda’s obsession page mentioned above and I had brought up the fact that one of the pictures Ms. Ellis uses was copied, pasted and placed on the page without the permission of the four people in the photograph in violation of copyright law. We never sent a takedown notice, settlement demand letter or anything other than just bring out the irony how if this were reversed we would be receiving a $7500 demand letter from Ms. Ellis. It’s funny how she justifies it when she does it knowingly (since she is well aware of the copyright law) yet she goes after grieving families who do not know the law and innocently shared the poem on a blog, Facebook page or Memorial webpage.

          Now we can see that Ms. Ellis standard response when faced with facts, screen captures, emails and documentation is either to ignore it or make a comment like the one above. Above is the documentation, read it for yourself and decide who is telling the truth.

          By the way, for reporting all of this originally on my Copyright Anti-Bullying Act website Linda’s response was to go to my businesses website and make posts on my website blog, Facebook page, Twitter account, YouTube channel and Google plus page. And should miss Ellis’s memory fail her again or she believes I am once again historically incorrect I have the screen captures to prove it.

          • Auctionapril

            I also have screenshots of the http://www.justfreespeech.com website that she kept revising. This site was so slanderous that my guess is she scared herself with how wicked she actually is.

          • Auctionapril

            Page 1 of her Just Free Speech website

    • Auctionapril

      Linda, actually you do know how much happiness I have in my life. You know I am the director of an animal shelter. The very animal shelter you claim does not exist except on paper (www.whiskercity.com). Remember you posted that Whisker City is a tax shelter ONLY. That’s news to all those cats, volunteers and supporters that they don’t exist.

      You know I have a family. You write them letters warning that you are going to print terrible things about me. (www.justfreespeech.com and http://www.lindalogic.com/obsession.html
      You know I own a business and manage 13 employees (www.charityauctionworld.com). You’ve contacted my clients.
      You know where my family works because you sent letters to multiple employers and to my husband hoping to ruin careers and my life. You know I live in a wonderful neighborhood because you contact my neighbors.
      You know I’ve written a book about your scheme an about you (www.getpoeticjustice.com).

      If I’m obsessed with anything it’s getting the facts straight. You might try it. Poetic Justice is a pretty good read – which was a difficult book to make interesting considering YOU are the subject.

      I live an open and legitimate life. I work. I volunteer. It’s rich and full and thanks to you I now know hundreds of your victims in a very different way than you do. Did you know that 100% of the people you call thieves are good and many actually do pray to God. You’ve only met them through their signature on a check or because they refuse to pay you.

      You on the other hand have spent your life lying, colluding, stalking and harassing people. I have no hate in my heart for you. “Disgust” is a better word. The feeling that comes when a person steps in poo or cuts into an rotted watermelon or gets a whiff of a rotten egg. Just plain ole disgust.

      Until I came into the picture you never had to meet your victims face to face. You got away with accusing people, lying to people and cashing checks from innocent infringers. Those days are over. You are finally getting the recognition you’ve craved for decades but not as an inspirational poet – as the poet troll.

      You think because you throw around “God” and “I’m praying for you” and “obsession” clouds or erases what you’ve done and continue to do. Well you are wrong. There is no chance you will squirm out of this mess you’ve made. No chance whatsoever.

      • Linda Ellis

        You really should have been a creative writer. Per your own words in the video where you secretly taped an officer of the law, your shelter has helped very few animals. But, I am glad it gives you happiness. Why don’t you walk across the street and care for those few felines with the time you spend posting about me? LOL!

        • Auctionapril

          I manage my life very well. You are right, “I” have saved very few animals but the volunteers and I are in the business of saving lives and providing lifelong care for abandoned felines.

          You know I’m home? The neighbor tipped you off again?

          About the video. I held a camera in my hand and I did not tell the officer I was taping her. You should know the law Linda. She was on my premises and further, law enforcement can be taped while on duty. I was well within my rights to video tape, audio record and take notes if I wanted too. I made the video public within hours. No secrecy. In fact, your little neighbor friend sent the link to the officer and to you!

          You tell people I have committed 3 felonies
          1) illegally wiretapping a police officer (wiretapping? How am I suppose to do that?)
          2) illegally recording a police officer (the officer was on duty and on my property)
          3) defrauding the government (remember you said Whisker City does not exist)

          I’m compiling a list of The Lies Linda Ellis tells. I look forward to your answers. Will this be the nail in the coffee for your “career” as an “inspiring poet”. Me thinks so.

    • Sim

      Linda, stop attacking – this post shows your MO. April Brown is only helping those that you have sent extortion letters. Exposing you would be the best thing or why don’t you just speak the truth. Post the letter you send to people in your extortion scheme. Get transparent while YOU still have the opportunity before this goes to national TV and you are exposed without recourse. We have your letters, we can prove your lies and attacking April isn’t going to save you from your lies and extortion letters. Your letter states you have received damages for copyright infringement and it’s a lie. You will be exposed.

  • Auctionapril

    I have to disagree with the advice that Ryan received from Poul Masters. Any one who gets an extortion letter should IGNORE IT. The letter is from John Jolin. He is not an attorney. He is just a guy who calls himself the Operations Manager for Linda’s 1 women extortion scheme. Thankfully he has less victims to manage these days.

    I not only ignored Jolin’s letter but I also ignored a letter from an attorney. Nothing happened.

    Linda has never sued anyone. In fact, the people that settle with her early pay a higher fee. I’ve found people that have settled for $250 after rangling with Jolin for over a year. There is no law that requires a person to negotiate or respond to any document that is not registered with a court. In fact, no law requires a response at all. It’s called a default judgement when a person fails to show up in court. My point is that no case has ever been filed against someone who shared the Dash. EVER.

    Further Poul Masters refers to the insurance company. Linda receives the bulk of her payments from the insured!!!! She knows the insurer will settle with her for $3500. STOP TURNING THESE CLAIMS OVER TO YOUR INSURER!!

    Poul Master’s advice does more to keep this operation in swing than Jolin with this terrible terrible advice. I’ve helped 116 people. None have paid her. None hired an attorney. Some went public. Others are just glad to be rid of this schemer. My advice works. BTW, nobody has sued me either. The evidence speaks for itself.

    DON’T RESPOND to any communiques. DON’T involve AN ATTORNEY. Tell your story and PUBLISH all emails and letters FROM JOLIN.

    “Any allegation of a copyright infringement is a very serious matter. It is
    not difficult for a copyright owner to prove an infringement claim, and
    for the alleged offender – it can be quite costly to defend. Anyone
    who believes that someone has infringed on their copyrighted materials
    has a right to defend their material. Keep in mind that just because a
    writing does not say it is copyrighted doesn’t mean that it’s free to
    use. All current writings are automatically protected by copyright
    laws. More so, just because you didn’t know doesn’t mean you aren’t
    liable! And keep in mind that Federal law allows damages from $750 up
    to $150,000 per infringement. So what do you do if you have an
    allegation against you for copyright infringement? Do not ignore the
    letter. If you ignore it and then later find yourself in a suit it
    could lead to higher damages. Contact your lawyer. I know it seems
    like more money but you should never settle a matter without legal
    representation. Plus, it is quite possible that an attorney could get
    the amount reduced to a more reasonable amount, if the facts show there
    was an actual infringement. Lastly, if the matter cannot be resolved
    through negotiations, consider contacting your insurance company for
    coverage; some policies cover infringement claims.” – See more at: