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SCI Employees Post Company Reviews Online…Not Good

imageThe internet has changed the way consumers and employees interact with businesses in many drastic ways. The internet has also provided a massive space where individuals can share certain experiences and encounters with businesses. This is both good and bad for companies. It is easier now than every for a very bad customer experience to be blasted to millions of people in a matter of seconds. The old saying “It takes years to build a good reputation and only minutes to destroy it” has never been more relevant or true.

Websites like Yelp have provided services for consumers to share positive and negative experiences very easily. There is also a website called JobVent.com that allows employees to post “reviews of jobs we love and hate”.

A few SCI funeral directors have already jumped on the opportunity to offer a review of the industry company. Check them out below.

The following are four reviews of SCI that were posted to JobVent.com. No names were provided with the reviews!!

I am a funeral director and embalmer for SCI. It is a terrible company to work for, and I would discourage anyone from applying with them. The management is terrible, from the top all the way down the the location manager. You have no home life, you are expected to get the work done, but get in trouble for getting overtime hours. There is no such thing as christmas bonuses or raises in this company. You are not respected as a professional in your field. Bottom line, in my oppinion, this company cares about nothing but money. I got into this field to help people, not rob them without a gun.


This place is horrible! We got baught by SCI about 3 years ago and its been down hill from there. We’ve had 4 different managers. The average employee leaves within a few years. Im on my fourth year and havent even broke a dollar as far as raises. Micro-management, Micro-management. You work your ass off just to keep your job. They will suck the life out of your ability to care for grieving families. STAY AWAY!

Unless, you WANT to be out of a job, fast. Do not work for SCI.

i hate this place. bad executive management. i encourage no one to apply for any type of position here. health insurance really sucks. they work you to death and you get no comp time..people who are hired normally quit within the 8-10 months. the only thing i love about this place is the parking. its free, unlike downtown you have to pay. oh and if you die youre buried for free. people here have panic attacts, suicidal attempts..the whole 9…STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY…


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