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Who is Going to Read Your Eulogy? How About Chris Rock?

imageEver want to have your own personal eulogy read by none other than famous comedian and actor Chris Rock!? If you have, it?s your lucky day! Check out the new site dielaughingnow.com ? in honor of Rock?s new movie, ?Death at a Funeral.?

At the site, you can customize your own personal eulogy for friends and family, or even yourself! Then you can e-mail it to as many people as you want! It is a pretty clever promotion for the upcoming film, which opens in theaters nation wide on April 16th!

Below I have included a link to a eulogy I did for myself. I think you will get a few laughs from it.

Check it out below.

Please feel free to create your own eulogy read by Chris Rock and share the link to it in the comment section below. Just think how fun a funeral would be if all eulogies were this funny?

Listen to my eulogy at the following link:


I hope this provided you with a chuckle!


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